Archery Tag


We offer archery tag for ages 10 and up. The fun of the game of tag but elevated by the challenge of archery.

Is it safe for kids? YES! It’s SAFE Enough for KIDS, but fun enough for all! The Archery Tag arrows are specially designed for safety. Arrows use soft foam tips and travel at a relatively slow velocity to minimize danger and pain from impact. Masks are worn at all times to protect the eyes and face and purposeful “head shots” are illegal in the game of Archery Tag. We offer a variety of games to keep our participants fully engaged and having fun!



  • $25 per person for 90 minutes
  • 30 minutes instruction and target practice
  • 60 minutes game play
  • All equipment provided ( mask, arm guards, bows and foam tip arrows)

*** Minimum of 6 participants required for booking of Archery Tag

***Note: waiver must be signed prior to start of game

***Due to the strength involved in pulling back the bow, all participants MUST be 10 years and older to play archery tag***

***Please note: that ALL games of archery tag MUST be booked in advance as we are NOT able to accommodate walk-ins

***Please bring a clean change of shoes- muddy or wet shoes will not be allowed on the field.




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